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Homeschool Support Groups

Click Here for a full list of Region 5 Homeschool Groups from Missouri's Families for Home Education (FHE) organization

Please note that FHE and the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) are not secular groups.


Homeschooling FAQs

Homeschool 101 Meetings

Check out FHE's Calendar for their free Homeschool 101 meetings. 

Homeschooling FAQ

Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about homeschooling.

Subjects and How to Log Them

Here are the five main subjects and the sub topics that fall under their umbrellas.

Field Trip Ideas

List of where to do field trips in St. Louis and surrounding areas. 

Co-op Class Ideas

List of classes you can teach. 


Other Homeschooling Links

Inside the Economy Museum

This free field trip destination is for groups of students from late elementary school through college. Students learn about the economy and how economic concepts relate to their everyday lives. Student guides for different grade levels to complete throughout the museum are available.

Missouri Botanical Museum

Since its founding over 150 years ago, the Missouri Botanical Garden has been committed to connecting people with plants and the wonders of the natural world. Today, education remains at the heart of everything we do—from hosting nearly one million visitors a year to strengthening science learning and teaching for students and teachers to supporting sustainability and conservation efforts throughout the St. Louis community and around the world.

Missouri History Museum Homeschool Days

Sign up for their newsletter and they will email you about upcoming Homeschool Days. You must register in advance for these Homeschool Days, so plan ahead once you get their newsletter. It is a great day of historical learning! Speakers, plays, free admission to special exhibits, crafts and many other activities are usually included.

St. Louis Science Center

The Saint Louis Science Center combines experimentation, creativity and play to help people discover a passion for science and technology.

St. Louis Zoo Educational Resources

Education Department Mission: To nurture respect for animals and their habitats and to promote conservation action by providing educational opportunities and experiences. 

We Rock the Spectrum

An all-inclusive sensory gym for kids of all ages, this fun, indoor play date destination has equipment that accommodates children who are on the autism spectrum. Everyone is welcomed--together.