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SLHN Code of Conduct

Revision history: Revised and approved by membership 7/15/22; Amendments 1 through 3 approved by membership 12/28/22; Amendment 4 approved by membership 4/23/23 with a revised version approved by membership 5/30/23; Responsibility for amendments shifted to board (per membership vote) as of the April 16, 2024 board meeting. Item 17 in Section 2 revised by board 5/7/24.

The goal of the St. Louis Homeschool Network is to provide a secular environment where the member families' parents/guardians help shape their children’s behavior to be inclusive* (see Behavioral Expectations section), respectful, and kind. Parents and guardians should model this behavior.

Please remember to review and discuss the expectations with your children as they are important members of our community.

If you bring a guest to an SLHN event that allows guests, then your guest must also adhere to the Code of Conduct, and it is the responsibility of the inviting member to ensure that the guest does so.



  1. Course Catalog enrollment is open to all SLHN members who meet the participation requirements.

  1. Each participating family must offer at least one class per semester that meets the following requirements:

    1. The class must be at least 90 minutes of total class time (ex: one 90-minute class, or two 45-minute classes, etc.).

    2. The class must be offered to at least five students in addition to the children of the family offering the class and those of any co-teachers. 

    3. The class must be free of charge. 

    4. The class cannot be open to members of the public outside of current members of SLHN.

    5. If a teacher has to cancel their class offering they are still required to offer the minimum requirement by the end of the semester. 

      1. If a class is unable to be held due to cancellation by all participants, location, or other extenuating circumstances through no fault of the teacher, the requirement will be considered fulfilled.

    6. This is the minimum requirement to participate in the Course Catalog. Members may offer longer classes, meet on multiple days, or have a larger class size. After the above requirements are met, members may offer additional classes with or without a fee.

    7. New members of SLHN who join within 30 days of the first day of the semester may choose to use the current semester as a trial semester. Members who join after the first 30 days of the semester may choose to use the next, subsequent semester as their trial semester. 

      1. During the trial semester, members are welcome to sign up for classes without having to offer a class during that semester. However, if a particular class exceeds maximum class size, families using the trial semester will not receive priority in the determining of the roster for said class. New members who meet the teaching requirement as described in A through E above will receive priority registration along with current members who also meet the teaching requirement.

    8. If a participant cannot make it to a class they are enrolled in, they must let the person offering the class know ahead of time by direct contact such as email, text, or class forum. If a participant forgets about a class they must contact the instructor as soon as they realize it. 

      1. Too many unexcused absences will require a review by the Board, which will include consideration of special circumstances and be tailored to each  individual situation.

  2. Members who are past their trial semester and do not fulfill these requirements will not be eligible to enroll in the classes offered in the Course Catalog. They will still be able to participate in other SLHN events, such as park days, parties, pop-up classes, field trips, and other non-catalog opportunities.



  1. All participants are expected to abide by the SLHN Code of Conduct when attending any group event or class.

  2. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children’s behavior at all SLHN activities.

  3. Member families are expected to be respectful of other member families. Please ensure that your behavior is in line with community-building and is appropriate for the location and the participants. Please refrain from excessive levels of horseplay, wrestling, displays of affection, or any behaviors that could be a distraction to others. The host of the event should define what is appropriate behavior for the situation and communicate reminders as needed.

  4. We are all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let us treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. All members must respect one another’s boundaries regarding home, possessions, and bodies.

  5. *Make sure everyone feels welcome. Bullying of any kind is not allowed. We will not tolerate any discrimination or degrading comments (including jokes) based on race, gender, orientation, political affiliation, abilities, religions, ages, sizes, etc.

  6. SLHN activities are not “drop off” activities, unless specifically stated by the host. Parents are expected to supervise their children at each activity unless previous arrangements have been made with another parent to be responsible for their children.

  7. Adults and children are expected to be respectful of others’ property. If damage does occur, it is the responsibility of the involved parties to attempt to work it out together. If difficulties arise, those members may bring the situation to the attention of the Board of Directors in writing and the Board will attempt to facilitate a resolution which may include an outside third party. The Board does not assume any liability for damages to property.

  8. SLHN, the host family, and/or Board of Directors are not responsible for any injuries incurred at an SLHN event. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians at all activities to provide for the physical needs of their own children.

  9. Guns are not to be brought to any SLHN function. Brandishing or playing with a weapon at any SLHN function is prohibited (i.e. bows, knives, lighters, or any item that could cause bodily harm). If a class requires the use of any of these items, the item must be used in accordance with the class objective, and under the supervision of an adult. If the class is to be held in the member’s home, the host is encouraged to disclose the presence of any guns and how they are secured in their class descriptions so that member families can make an informed decision about participation.

  10. SLHN expects those who choose to use alcohol and other substances to do so legally, responsibly, and with consideration for others. If an event is held at a residence, the host family must give permission beforehand.

  11. Remember that your comportment represents you, SLHN, and the homeschooling community in general.

    1. Please be on time, courteous, and respectful of  the rules of the venues that we visit.

    2. Please model the behavior you wish to see from your children. 

    3. Refrain from speaking over teachers, tour guides, and other hosts. 

    4. Keep phones, tablets, and other gadgetry out of classrooms unless specifically requested by a teacher.

    5. When using phones for class use, always keep them silent or turned off until time for photos.

  12. When signing up for classes, please be mindful about your child’s age. Do not sign up for classes with older or younger suggested age ranges unless you ask and receive approval from the parent/guardian/teacher hosting the class.

  13. Be descriptive and clear about your class expectations when you submit a class.

  14. Fully read class descriptions to ensure that the class is truly something your child will enjoy. For example, if the class has homework and you know your child will not be willing to complete the homework, refrain from signing up for that class.

  15. Withdraw from a class as early as possible if you feel like it is not a good fit for your child to help provide a spot for a child on a waitlist who may benefit from the class.

  16. Try to allow room in your class for children on your waitlist whenever possible.

  17. SLHN is a registered non-profit in the state of Missouri and registered as a 501(c)(3) with the IRS. 

    1. Members using the SLHN non-profit status, EIN #, and/or name to acquire materials/supplies or grants or discounts must submit a copy of any formal grant proposals, donation requests, or other similar paperwork in writing to the SLHN Board of Directors prior to applying and receive written permission from the Board of Directors. 

    2. These materials or supplies or discounts will be considered property of the group, and must be included in the group inventory. Any such materials or supplies are expected to benefit the group as a whole and remain the property of SLHN.

    3. Members using the SLHN logo for fundraising or to acquire materials/supplies or grants or discounts must submit a copy of any fundraising plan, formal grant proposals, donation requests, or other similar paperwork in writing to the SLHN Board of Directors prior to applying and receive written permission from the Board of Directors. (Approved by the Board of Directors on 5/7/24)

    4. The purpose and the use of the logo must be aligned with the nature of SLHN. (Approved by the Board of Directors on 5/7/24)

    5. Improper use of the SLHN non-profit status, EIN #, name, and/or logo could result in legal action. (Addition of "logo" approved by the Board of Directors on 5/7/24)



  1. Should any dispute arise, issues should be resolved in an appropriate time, place, and manner.

  2. We encourage children to try to work out differences with each other, as this experience provides practice in social problem-solving. However, children struggling to resolve a dispute may require the guidance of the parents/guardians. Members should do their best to intervene appropriately in order to avoid escalation.

  3. Parents/Guardians and supervising adult members will help children learn to be respectful to others and resolve differences together in a positive and constructive manner. Adults should model this behavior.

  4. If there is an issue between adult members, they are expected to work through their differences privately and respectfully.

  5. Members will refrain from gossiping and/or slander.

  6. It is expected that if there is a more serious problem with a child’s behavior, that problem will be addressed privately with the parent/guardian of the child before any other action is taken.

  7. If a situation cannot be resolved between children or parents, then that situation should be brought to the attention of the entire SLHN Board of Directors in writing. The Board will review each individual situation and take into consideration any special circumstances, and may require third party mediation.



  1. Above all, we encourage our community to start from the mindset of facilitating our children to develop community behaviors and thus we ask that the first step be education oriented and gentle in nature.

  2. Any excessive or vicious attack, verbal or physical, will result in immediate removal from the current activity.

  3. If an issue involving not adhering to the Code of Conduct can not be resolved within the context of the activity/event with adult guidance, then it should be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors. Any issues of concern must be submitted privately and in writing to the entire Board of Directors, never to the entire membership.

  4. First time issues will be reviewed by the entire Board of Directors who will seek perspectives from all involved parties and witnesses (if appropriate). If the majority of the Directors agree that a transgression has taken place, then the member or family will be given a written warning to adhere to the Code of Conduct signed upon joining or membership renewals, as well as any remediation necessary (i.e. repair damages, apologies made).

  5. All further issues will be reviewed by the entire Board of Directors, and if the majority agrees, then repeated or serious infractions of these guidelines may result in additional consequences as determined by the Board of Directors. Consequences may include restricting or revoking membership privileges.

  6. In extreme instances, the Board of Directors has the right to revoke membership immediately with a majority vote of all Directors.


Amendment 1:  SLHN students are welcome to lead classes, however a parent/guardian must be listed as the teacher on any submitted class for communication purposes and oversight. It must be disclosed in the class description when submitted that a student will be leading the class. The parent/guardian will ultimately be responsible for the class. (Approved by membership 12/28/22)

Amendment 2:  All official SLHN classes or events offered by member families must be supervised by a parent/guardian, or another adult who is representing the hosting member family as a teacher. The parent/guardian or adult must be within eyesight and/or earshot of the class at all times. (Approved by membership 12/28/22) 

Amendment 3:  The Board may impose minimum student numbers other than the previously stated minimum of 5 for classes dependent on location in order to facilitate the inclusion of as many students as possible at that location. This only applies to the locations where SLHN is responsible for arranging the use of the space. (Approved by membership 12/28/22)

Amendment 4: Members of SLHN (this includes all members of the member family) are strictly prohibited from sharing with non-members, in any form of communication, any personal information of other members, except when doing so is authorized, necessary for safety in the event of an emergency (and then, only sharing information that is pertinent to the situation), and/or necessary for the functioning of SLHN. Personal information includes but is not limited to name, phone number, address, pronouns, identifiers, medical information both physical and emotional, etc. (Approved by membership 4/23/23)(Revised version approved by membership 5/30/23)

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